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Standards/Criteria of reinforcement stabilized strands (ropes)/pc strands by Univac

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Standards/Criteria of reinforcement stabilized strands (ropes)/pc strands by Univac


Reinforcement stabilized strands (ropes) have a wide range of application in the construction of complex and and industrial facilities.

The use of multi-strand reinforcing strands instead of rolling reinforcement allows to obtain high strength characteristics with smaller diameters and weight of the reinforcing structure. The flexibility of the strands greatly facilitates the design of complex structures.

Production of Reinforcement stabilized strands (ropes) with low relaxation has been started in 2004. New modern equipment for manufacturing of the products which meet all current requirements was installed in 2012-2019.

New modern production equipment, a testing laboratory equipped for testing of standard and special properties, experienced specialists guarantee the satisfaction of any requests and expectations of the customers.

Reinforced stabilized strands are made in accordance with the requirements of the following standards:

1.strands according to FprEN 10138-3: 2009 “Tensile reinforcement – Part 3: Strand” – according to the design 3- and 7-strands from wire of round or periodic cross-section;

2.strands according to BS 5896: 2012 “Steel wire with high temporary tensile strength and strands from it to create prestress in concrete. Strands”;

3.strands according to ASTM A 416 / A416M-18 “Standard specifications for 7-wire steel strands without coating for prestressed concrete”. From a wire of only round section;

4.4. strands (reinforcing ropes) according to GOST 13840-68 “Steel reinforcing ropes 1×7. Technical conditions”;

5.strands (reinforcing ropes) according to GOST R 53772-2010 “7-wire stabilized reinforcing steel ropes. Technical conditions.”;

6.reinforcement stabilized strands (ropes) according to SFS – 1265 – 3:2014“Prestressing steels prestressed constructions – Part 3: Strand”

Strands according to national technical assessments based on EN 10138, parts 1 and 3:

1.Polish national technical assessment ITB-KOT-2018/0637 issue 1 “Steel prestressed strands of PJSC “STALKANAT-SILUR” from smooth wires ”;

2.Hungarian National Technical Assessment NMÉ: A-16/2018 and NMÉ: A-27/2019;

3.Romanian technical regulation ST 009-2011 “Technical specifications for steel products used as reinforcement: operational requirements and criteria” and Technical agreement 001SC-01 / 275-2019 “Reinforcing strand for prestressed concrete”

APPLICATION:for the reinforcement of prestressed concrete constructions.

DIAMETER: from 6,50 mm up to 17,8 mm.

STRUCTURE: 3-strands wire and 7-strands wire without coating.

MATERIAL: cold-drawn wire, made of high carbon wire rod of diameter 6,5~13 mm is used for the reinforcement strands production.


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At the request of the customer, the strands can be made from indented wire, while the central wire in the strand is made smooth.

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