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About us

The story of Univac company started in 2004, we were a small company that specialized in the production of plain and helical steel wire for precast pilings and slabs. For six years we continued to grow steadily until we expanded our production capabilities in 2010 to include the manufacturing of indented steel wire and other wire products. Today, we have a diverse catalog of products that include all kinds of pc steel wires, guy strands/pc strands,steel pipes and tube pilings and their accessories, rolled steel, industrial plants and equipment as well as structural elements for offshore and marine applications. we produce 650,000 tons of metal and steel products every year and we do business in countries all over the world.
In the face of a fierce competition on international markets, our strengths are a profound knowledge of products, market conditions, mentalities, and the additional asset of a comprehensive range of customer-focused services.

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Customized solutions  

Customized solutions and project assistance are important elements of our services. According to the principle “one face to the customer“, we are competent partners for materials, customer‘s individual product and quality requirements, financing schemes and transport solutions. 

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We maintain a well-established network of logistic partners enabling us to offer tailor-made services:organization and management of all transportation means based on customer’s and product requirements. Handling of complex transportation structures especially in the international project business.

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Belief and Mission

We believe that our strength comes from long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners, with a focus on creating "win-win" solutions. Here, all of us believe that the perseverance, trust and integrity of our employees in their daily work are the solid driving force behind our mission.

MissionOur Mission

Secure the future development of the Company with "profitable and sustainable growth" while achieving sustained and adequate profitability of the company. - To become a globally recognized industry leader; As the preferred supplier for customers, to provide innovative, high quality products and services. - Provide employees with career development opportunities and competitive compensation and benefits to remain the employer of choice for the best talent. This will fully reflect the company's values in the global diversity landscape.

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Bridge Cable Base

The main products include:
High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel wire and zinc-aluminum alloy coated wire for bridge engineering. Annual output: 16,000tons.
Hot extruded polyethylene covered cables for bridges and structures. Annual output: 10,000 tons.
Precast parallel steel wire cable for suspension bridges.Annual output: 20,000 tons.
Epoxy coated and filled pc strand. Annual output: 10,000 tons.
These products have been used in more than 800 bridges and structures. Our example projects include Perth Elizabeth Pier Bridge in Australia, Korla Cable-Stayed Bridge in Xinjiang, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in China and Inchenon Bridge in South Korea.

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PC Strand/Guy Strand / Anchors Base

This is our prestressed steel strand production facility. The production base boasts an annual output of more than 250,000 tons of strand and accessories. Our leading products are steel strands for prestressed concrete structures. These are popular for use in the construction of roads, bridges, high rise buildings, and even water conservancy projects.

Plain/Helical/Indented PC Wire Base

With the advanced prestressed steel wire production lines, equipped with advanced product quality testing instruments and equipment, with an annual capacity of more than 35,000 tons, product specifications 2.5mm-11.0mm, tensile strength of 1470MPa-1860MPa, widely used in high-speed railway sleeper, track board, highway, PCCP pressure pipeline, bridge, water conservancy communication and power tower pole, civilization, building construction, high-rise earthquake resistance, agricultural greenhouse and other infrastructure construction and industrial springs, mattress steel wire and other industries.

Steel pipes/Tube pilings/ Accessories Base

Widely applied in petroleum & gas pipeline, water pipeline, construction & building, dredging and piling projects engaging in petroleum & gas pipeline, dredging piling and bridge building projects. In the last 20 years, we finished more than 500 projects, The partners spread over 100 countries, etc. 

Cold-finished steel coils/plates/strips products Base

With the advanced level of pickling continuous rolling production line, cover flat production line, continuous hot dip galvanizing production line, continuous annealing production line, cold-rolled coils and galvanized sheets, zinc coated product specifications are thickness 0.15-2.0mm and width 19-1300mm; Galvanized and zinc aluminum magnesium products thickness of 0.3-2.0mm, the maximum width of 1300mm.  At present, the company can produce High-end pickling steel plates, cold rolled steel plates, galvanized and zinc aluminum magnesium steel plates. It has realized the full supply from ordinary plates to stamping steel, high strength steel and special steel,which is mainly used for household appliances, containers,metal products automobile girders, highway guardrails, photovoltaic brackets and industrial refrigeration etc.
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Sustainable development

Based on our company belief and mission, we define "sustainability" as:
We believe that achieving "sustainable and profitable growth" must take into account the broad economic, environmental and social impacts of our operations. Therefore, in all aspects of our business, we take into account the interests of our customers, employees, shareholders, local communities and other stakeholders.
We strive for environmental, safety, health and socially responsible operational excellence. We invests in clean, energy efficient plants, infrastructure, equipment, production processes and products and always complies with the relevant environmental standards and laws and regulations of the region.
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Put "Work together, excellence and win-win" into practice

What role does customer focus play in our daily work? We are here to introduce you to several excellent product solutions. They are the fruits of our successful collaborative development projects with our customers. We have a long tradition of working closely with customers around the world. As part of the local economy, We know that different economic environments require different business strategies. Our successful cooperation cases in different industries are the successful practice of the company's core concept of "Work together, excellence and win-win".
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Strong commitment to quality products and services

Our commitment to you is not just to provide quality products, we will also adapt the way we serve to meet your expectations and needs. We will understand your requirements for product quality, production methods and processes in detail, and then properly arrange production, planning, delivery and inventory management. A high degree of flexibility allows us to adjust production capacity according to market demand, and persistent efforts ensure that our products and services fully meet your needs.
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