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Inner and outer coated plastic steel pipe

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Inner and outer coated plastic steel pipe


The inner and outer coated plastic steel pipe is a steel-plastic composite pipe composed of a layer of polyethylene (PE) resin, epoxy (EP) powder, non-toxic polypropylene (PP) and other organic matter in the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe. It not only has the advantages of high strength, easy connection and water impact resistance of the steel pipe. Also overcome the steel pipe in water corrosion, pollution, scaling and plastic pipe strength is not high, poor fire performance and other shortcomings, design life of up to 50 years. During hot working and electric welding cutting, the cutting surface should be coated with non-toxic room temperature curing adhesive provided by the manufacturer to repair the damaged part. Product advantage

1.Suitable for buried and humid environments, and can withstand high and very low temperatures.

2. Strong anti-interference ability, if the coated steel pipe as a cable sleeve, can effectively shield the outside signal interference.

3. Good strength under pressure.

4. Good insulation performance, as a wire protection tube will never occur leakage phenomenon.

5. No burrs, smooth tube wall, suitable for the construction of wire or cable.

And it is versatile and can be used in any field. The connection mode adopts welding, groove,flange and threaded connection.

Typical case:

Metro Line fire pipeline project

Uzbekistan tunnel fire pipeline project