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Qinghai Kuo Ma Ri cable-stayed bridge


Qinghai Kuo Ma Ri cable-stayed bridge

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  • Kuo Mari cable-stayed bridge is located in Tongren County Kuo Mari Road across the Longwu River, is the county in the north of the ring secondary trunk road. The total length  is 590 meters, which is composed of two parts: the east and west extension of Kuomari Road and the bridge across the river, the main bridge is 200 meters long. The main bridge is a single-tower double-span space cable-stayed bridge with a cable-stayed bridge with a diamond-shaped pylon. The approach bridges on the east and west sides are prestressed concrete prefabricated small box girder bridges. Our company mainly supplies low relaxation prestressed steel strands and epoxy coated stay-cable systems for bridge concrete.
    There are a total of 14 pairs (i.e. 28 bundles) of cable-stayed cables on the whole bridge, with a standard spacing of 6 meters and a maximum cable length of 222.34 meters. The cable-stayed cable is made of φ15.2mm epoxy coated steel strand, which is divided into 3 specifications, each bundle of cable-stayed cable is composed of 31, 37 and 43 steel strands tendons, and the full anti-corrosion cable body of double-layer HDPE protection, and the helix is fixed to the surface of the stay cables and built-in damping is added.
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  • The cable-stayed cable is arranged in the form of a space fan in the form of a main girder and a bridge tower. The tension end is arranged on the main beam, and the cable saddle of the wire splitting pipe is arranged on the cable tower, and the steering cable saddle is adopted on the tower wall in the form of anchoring, and the cable-stayed cable is connected with the main beam and anchored on the anchor block on the outside of the longitudinal beam.
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  • The mechanical properties of the steel strands used in the project for prestressed concrete and the epoxy steel hinges for bridge cables meet the requirements of EN10138-3, GB/T5224 and ASTM A416, and the anti-corrosion performance meets the requirements of ISO 14655, GB/T 2583-2010 and ASTM A 882/A882M-02a "Monofilament Coated Epoxy Coated Prestressed Steel Strands"; The performance of the anchor meets the standard requirements of GB/T14370-2015 "Anchors, Clamps and Connectors for Prestressed Tendons".
    Because this project is a single-tower double-cable cable-stayed cable structure, the box girder adopts the construction technology of pouring concrete section by section of the bracket large segment. The amount of work is large and the construction period is compact, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the construction and complete on schedule or ahead of schedule, it is planned that the two symmetrical working faces on both sides of the transverse side of the bridge are symmetrical at the same time for the construction of two bundles of cable-stayed cables.
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