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40 M Piles for South American Project


40 M Piles for South American Project

40 M Piles for South American Project (1)(1)997


  • In the first quarter of 2022,we participated in supplying piling pipes for South American Coastal Terminal. The project is including large-diameter spiral long tube with a maximum length of 40 meter for each piece and requires Hempel coating to cover part of the tubes. The entire production was carried out under the supervision of the customer engineers. After several months of orderly production, the company finally passed the various tests and released the goods.
40 M Piles for South American Project (2)(1)u4i

Coating and packing

  • The shipment of coated tubes is believed to be a concern for all customers. The surface of the coated tubes is relatively destructive and can cause a certain degree of damage during transportation compared with coated pipes with normal length.
40 M Piles for South American Project (3)(1)4sd


  • For coated tubes, the shipping process needs to be more detailed and professional. Because of the special length of the steel pipe of this project (40 meters), all the pipes must be placed on the ship's deck. Therefore, one or two months before the shipment, our professional shipping team draws the reinforcement protection drawings to refine the division of labor and material preparation and emergency solutions to ensure that nothing is lost.
    On the day of shipment, all trucks have been covered with thick cotton pads in order to prevent any damage to the coated tubes due to friction. All the pipes have been equipped with professional slings both ends, and the single bearing capacity over 10 tons. In addition, all the reinforcement strips are also ready, and a thick pad is placed on the contact surface of the strip and the coating.
    All batches of pipes have been loaded on time without any damage and with safety.